Export Gedcom not working

I have tried to export a tree using both with and without media. I have tried 2 email addresses and have checked the junk folder on both.

I have waited a few hours and no email arrives.

Is the export facility working?



I had same problem

I’ve had the same problem. I just renewed my Pro Plan for the year and the Gedcom export simply doesn’t work. Tried multiple trees and multiple email addresses. I’ve sent support two emails on the issue so far and no response. The main reason that I have this account is for familysearch import and gedcom export. With no Gedcom export, my workflow stops.

Well, they fixed it. I’m now slowly getting every last attempt that I made.

GEDCOM import and export were both down for a couple of weeks in April (and hints were down from April 12 until yesterday - see Hints not arriving - #7 by DallanQ ). I’ve just been re-engaged by FMP to take care of RF support so things should get fixed more-promptly now. I’m sorry for the delay.