Hints not arriving

Thanks for fixing the gedcom import and my tree and all sources are now safely online. However I’m not receiving any hints for a new tree uploaded 12 hours ago. I’ve selected Everyone in tree, FamilySearch and FindMyPast but no hints have appeared at all. Logged into FamilySearch and saved the settings. Tree name is Anne Neish Buchan 16 April 2021.

I am experiencing the same issue for trees that have been uploaded since the gedcom import fix.

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Dallan suggested I email FindMyPast (FMP) support so I did that on 24 April and although I got an automated acknowledgement response from FMP still not get any further with them responding. So it looks like we either don’t have a support system for Rootsfinder now or FMP are not giving Rootsfinder issues any support. I have spoken to Myko Clelland at FMP on a few occasions about FMP records so I may try and get him to escalate the issue. Having just renewed my Rootsfinder subscription in April I am concerned that any future problems will not be fixed.

I’ve just sent this to Myko Clelland at FMP. -

“Hi Myko I emailed FindMyPast support with a problem on 24 April about a Rootsfinder problem - the Hint generation process for Rootsfinder trees has stopped working. I’ve not heard anything about when the problem will be fixed. Dallan Quass states that responsibility for Rootsfinder problems belongs to FindMyPast. In March 2020 I noted that FindMyPast was working with Genefun to transfer Rootsfinder support to them. Any thoughts on how I can escalate a support request and who now owns Rootsfinder support would be useful. Thanks Allan”

Myko says he will chase FMP support for me and let me know what is happening.

Still not heard anything from FindMyPast has anybody managed to get hints working after uploading a new tree?

Hints were down from April 12 to yesterday. FMP is still looking into the problem on their end, but I’ve implemented a work-around. Here’s what you can do to restore hints to people added or updated during that time.

  1. Go to “Hint Settings”, uncheck all of the boxes under “Where do you want hints from?”, and click “Save”.

  2. Now check all of the boxes under “Where do you want hints from?” that you want to get hints from and click “Save” again.

Hints should (finally) start showing up again in about an hour.

Thanks Dallan hope this works with new trees that I have imported using the app - I’ve done as you suggested and will check tomorrow to see if the hints have arrived


Getting hints from GONL and American Ancestors on the new trees but none from FamilySearch or FindMyPast. I will check again later today it is nearly 1am in Scotland.

Also looked at a tree from January this year where I already had FindmyPast hints and I tried adding FamilySearch hints to that tree but no new hints appeared.

I will also import a completely new tree and see what happens with that.

Thanks again

Family Search Family tree hints arriving but no FamilySearch or FindMyPast hints arriving since your work around. I will upload a new tree later and see what I get.



The Findmypast hinter is very slow unfortunately. When I fixed hinting, there were 83,000 hint requests backed up for FMP. Today, 9 days later, there are still 25,000 hint requests backed up. Hopefully it will make it through the backlog in another week.

FamilySearch hints were also delayed, but should be showing up now though. Are they still not showing up for you?

Thanks Dallan -

on the tree from 6 June there are a 9 FamilySearch hints but no FindMyPast hints

on the tree Test Hints uploaded on 17 June there are no FamilySearch hints and no FindMyPast hints - This tree is almost identical to the one from 6 June

I’ll keep checking every few days and let you know if the backlog clears.


I just checked, and the Findmypast hinter is still running about 4 days behind, but when I requested FamilySearch hints they showed up in less than 10 minutes.

Thanks Dallan - Still no FMP hints on my new trees. Family Search Tree Hints arrive instantly but FamilySearch hints are still not appearing on all trees. I’ll let you know when FMP wakes up!