Some bugs in view access

A couple of what appear to be bugs in the view access mode and a suggestion.

(1) The Bookmark icon is available but give an error ‘User or Password not found’ when clicked. Presumably it is intended to be display only to show whether or not this person is on the bookmark list?

(2) Similarly the Hints icon is available but gives the same error when clicked. Again presumably it is intended to be display only to show whether or no hints are turned on for this person?

(3) The Family Search menu is not available, but it would be very helpful to have the first two options (compare with FS/view on FS) available to view access users. I appreciate that the compare option does some background updates (as per my previous post re comparing with FS resulting in ‘false’ updates on the dashboard Viewing the comparison between RF and Family Search is showing as an ‘edit’ in the dashboard), but these are system updates and not updates to RootsFinder data per se. Would it be possible to permit the first two options on this menu?

It seems reasonable that even a read-only access person could bookmark someone. The hints icon shouldn’t give an error but instead give a message that you can’t change the hint-status for someone. I agree that the first two functions on the FS menu should be available.

Thanks. Look forward to seeing those when you get a chance to sort them. Small things but make a big difference to the read only person.

I think I’ve implemented everything now:

  • The bookmark and hint icons in the toolbar are now disabled for tree readers (and guests on public trees). They can only be clicked on by tree editors.
  • The first two items in the FamilySearch menu are now available for tree readers (and guests on public trees).
    Please let me know if there are any problems.

First part works OK
Re the Family Search menu, there are some quirks to be sorted out for the comparison option. The arrows indicating differences all show up, which is what you would expect, but I wouldn’t expect the ‘Copy to RootsFinder’ to be active. Either is should be disabled or give a meaningful message.

Copying from FS to RF gives [object Object] error or sometimes ‘User or password not found’.

Copying from RF to FS gives the ‘User or password not found’ error but still copies successfully.

My 2c is that if someone only has read access or public access to the tree, we shouldn’t be giving them the right to copy things straight from it to FS.

Which would suggest that comparison arrows could appear but always be disabled?

Very good point. I missed that. Thank you for pointing it out!

The buttons are disabled now if you don’t have edit rights to the tree.

Much better. Thanks again