Viewing the comparison between RF and Family Search is showing as an 'edit' in the dashboard

The dashboard seems to be full of ‘edits’ for which no changes were made directly. This happens after viewing ‘Compare with FamilySearch’. I can’t say for sure whether it happens every time, or whether sometimes there is an update in the background when the compare is done (eg there is more info on FS?) and that update is being identified on the dashboard as an edit.

I am focussing on collaborative management of trees, and having a meaningful dashboard history will help greatly with that.

I’ll look into this later this month.

Thanks Dallan

Comparing to FamilySearch should no longer write spurious entries to the dashboard now.

Here’s what was happening: When you did the “Compare”, I would store the current FamilySearch version number in the RootsFinder person, so I could tell you whether or not there were “unreviewed changes” at FamilySearch. But I never really ended up displaying that information. So now I’m no longer storing the FamilySearch version in RootsFinder, which avoids the extra updates.

By the way, if you’re doing a lot of FamilySearch comparisons, you might want to check the “EasySync for FamilySearch” box in “Tree Settings”, which adds upload and download buttons right on the person page. You can’t update vitals or add relatives using this approach yet though, that’s why it’s listed as experimental. But if you have feedback I’d love to hear it.