Naming convention for exported files

Further to Export all media with GEDCOM, I’m wondering if you could make a minor change to name the files more meaningfully when the ‘Export Into A Zip File With Media’ option is used. At present a folder is created using the same naming convention as would be used for the .ged file using the ‘Export (Traditional)’ option. However, the gedcom file inside this folder is just called gedcom.ged.

So this means when opening that file in another program it doesn’t pick up the default file name from the gedcom filename. And also means that if you use the ‘Export Into A Zip File With Media’ for a tree that doesn’t have any media it produces only the gedcom.ged file with no meaningful name. I know that isn’t sensible to do but I am maintaining about 23 trees and tend to do all the exports at the one time.

My suggestion would be that the gedcom.ged file should have the same name as if it were generated without the media.