Export all media with GEDCOM

Is there anything in place or planned to allow all media for a tree to be exported? Ideally it would be included as an option with the GEDCOM export (may need some conventions re file locations etc but there are programs that can successfully import GEDCOM with media), but as a minimum it would be useful to do it as a means of backup. Yes, we keep our own copies offline as well, but knowing you have everything and didn’t lose track of something by doing such an export would be fantastic.

I’ve been thinking about this. I could zip up the media and the GEDCOM into a zip file that you could download. When you unzipped the file, the media would be put into a directory that the GEDCOM file could access.

I expect to have this implemented sometime in the next few months.

Really really fantastic. We are keen to use RootsFinder as our ‘master’ tree with exported GEDCOM backups, which is almost working for the data but media is still an issue. Will be very keen to see this happen.

Just wondering if you are getting any closer to this one?

I did some research on this today. It’s possible, but tricky. The resulting GEDCOM that references the exported media may work in some desktop genealogy programs but not others. What desktop genealogy program do you use?

Mostly use Reunion on Mac (sorry I posted this under our committee login)

I don’t have Reunion for the Mac, so if you’re willing, I’m hoping you could try an experiment. I want to test an idea that RootsFinder could give you an option to download all of your images into a single zip file, and give you an option to have your exported GEDCOM file include the filenames of those images.

I’ve attached a small GEDCOM file that references three images, and I’ve also attached an Archive.zip file that contains those images. I’m hoping that if you download both files and unzip the Archive.zip file so the images end up in the same directory as the GEDCOM file, and you import the GEDCOM file into Reunion, that you will see the images in Reunion. If know this approach works for RootsMagic. If it works for Reunion as well, then I can implement it inside RootsFinder.

GedWithImages.ged (1.3 KB)
Archive.zip (865.6 KB)

I think this will work, but just needs a tweak by the user at the Reunion end.

By default Reunion looks for the folders in the user’s ‘Pictures’ folder (full address, not relative), not very smart or useful but that seems to be what happens. When first creating the Reunion file, the pictures are not found as they are not in the default directory. However, by going to the Preferences you can tell Reunion where to look for the pictures, and then click a button to repair all the multimedia links so they are all updated to point to the correct location.

It’s an extra 2 steps (on one window), but not difficult and achieves the desired outcome. There may be a smarter way but I haven’t found it.

Awesome! Since that worked, I think we have a plan for this.

I’m going to ask people to “vote” on their favorite feature requests this weekend to give me direction on what to work on this Summer. I will add this (and all of the other outstanding feedback items) to the list.

Suggest the title of this be changed to ‘Export all media with GEDCOM’ as that is the intention. Also may help the meaning to be clearer on Trello.

This doesn’t have a heap of votes on Trello but I’m hopeful you’ll still look to invest in this. It opens up great possibilities in terms of treating RF as the primary tree with all associated documentation attached - and being able to back it up effectively.