Have the PDF thumbnails stopped working?

eg see https://www.rootsfinder.com/tree/33969/people/5KX-6FN5-0WHP

Yes, it looks like they have. I will fix this as soon as I get back home on Monday.

(Unfortunately thumbnails are only generated right after the image/PDF is uploaded, so PDFs uploaded this week won’t get thumbnails generated unless they are re-uploaded next week after the fix has been made.)

Thanks for letting me know. We’ve never been able to generate thumbnails for all PDFs. Generating thumbnails for large PDFs in particular doesn’t work consistently. But it looks like we aren’t generating thumbnails ever for PDFs now. That’s definitely a problem that I’ll fix as soon as I can.

Thanks Dallan. I’ve only done a couple and can find them easily to reload them. Caught me by surprise when the thumbnail didn’t work as I haven’t had any trouble since the feature was introduced.

It works (yay)!

Existing PDF thumbnails should work now as well, though you’ll have to clear your browser cache.

Let me know if things still aren’t working as expected.

Brilliant. Didn’t even have to upload them again. Thanks for sorting…

Except… seems to still not be generating for new ones. See https://www.rootsfinder.com/tree/58863/people/0TP-P7AB-WT9P