Copying couples from Family Search to Roots Finder doesn't create marriage record correctly

There are many times I need to copy a few people back from Family Search to Roots Finder (after having updated their details in FS to be as good as possible).

Copy person A (say wife) from FS to RF. At this stage person B (husband) doesn’t exist in Roots Finder. Personal details copied OK. Marriage record is created but not linked to other person.

Then copy person B (Husband) from FS to RF. A marriage record is created for B that LOOKS like it is linked to person A, but when to click on the link, person A does not have this linked record.

To correctly create the marriage record, both generated marriage records have to be deleted and then a proper one created.

To my knowledge, it SHOULD work like this:

Copy person A. NO marriage record is created as person B isn’t there yet.
Copy person B. Create marriage records with correct link to person A.

Good point. You’ve outlined the correct way to do it. I will get to this early next month.

Add this one to the list of forgotten bugs?

Yes, another forgotten bug - thank you for the reminder.

This one was trickier to fix than the others. I believe that I’ve fixed all cases, but please let me know if you still find someplace where it isn’t working.

Thanks again.

First scenario tested ok (one partner already in RootsFinder, copied marriage partner to RF and marriage copied over correctly). Will monitor further scenarios for any anomalies and report them if so.

Thanks for attending to this.