X-Chromosome Fan Chart from my tree

Since you already do a nice fan chart, would a version be possible (for males and females) where it is populated from your tree (including blank spots) with the X-Chromosome inheritance pattern? I know there are ways to do this but your fan is really nice and highlighting that inheritance pattern would so help explain this to my family folks.


Sounds like a great idea. I’ll pass it along to the development staff.

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Yes, definitely a good idea. I’ve added it to the roadmap.

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Were you thinking of the X-chromosome fan chart as highlights on the fan chart pedigree view? Or were you thinking of a printed fan chart (from the reports menu)?

Initially I was thinking only of a way to show the x-chromosome ancestors in a clear fashion, whether by a stand alone x-chromosome fan chart or an adaption of the existing chart that highlights the X path for males.

http://www.mcging.org/xmatches.html is what I have on my own website. The idea is simply to make distinct the x-chromosome path for an individual to help eliminate lines.

Printed is always great, but with snipping tools being what they are, a copy is available even if it cannot be printed.

Hope this helps?


That helps - thanks. I will soon ask people to vote on the outstanding feature requests to determine what gets implemented this summer. I’ll include this in the vote.

I’ve been talking with the person behind http://genealogywallcharts.com who provides the 4-color printable Fan Chart in the Reports menu for us. I think it would be really cool if he’d be interested in adding an X-DNA chart. If not, I could add an option to modify our existing fan chart on the pedigree view to show X-inheritance.