Wikitree import compact tree

In trying to import a minitree, I copy the entire tree, then paste it into the Rootsfinder Wikitree box. The message shows minitree imported successfully but only the target person is shown, not any ancestors.

That sounds like a bug. Could you send me the URL of the tree at wikitree that you are trying to import?

Thanks, Dallan. I just tried it again and had the same thing happen.

Thank you for the link. I’m at the Southern California Genealogy Society conference right now. I’ll look at this on Saturday.

@dorisw I finally fixed this! That tree should import now. (If you already have a RootsFinder tab open, you’ll need to refresh the tab.)

Thank you, Dallan. I hope you didn’t think this was critical. I just reported it because I thought you would like to know, but I hope you didn’t put it ahead of other things, especially enjoying the conference and letting others know about Rootsfinder.:slight_smile:



No worries - I’m glad I was able to fix it. We had a terrific conference!