Where does one get customer support now that Dallen Quass is no longer on board?

Since I started to use RootsFinder only a week or so ago, and really like it very much thus far, I’ve had a number of ‘newbie’ type questions and have submitted messages and tried anything else I could think of. To date, regrettably, I’ve not had a single response from anyone. And I notice there’s just one query so far this year in the RF Forum. Just noticed on Dallen’s Dec 6, 2019, post that it was suggested one contact support@findmypast.com; is that the only way to find support now? I’ve just sent a message to that address and will be interested to learn what kind of response I get and when. Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated, and I suspect from many other users as well.

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Currently, Findmypast doesn’t have anyone assigned to support or maintain RootsFinder. Contacting support@findmypast.com is what I was told to tell people to do.

I am trying to work out an agreement with Findmypast where I maintain and support RootsFinder going forward. i hope to hear back from them later this month. i’ll let this forum know as soon an agreement has been reached.

I’m sorry for all this.


Ya, I just purchased another year. So please let us know what they say & Dallan, I hope they agree too! You have been a great help! Yes, they need someone who is familiar with this program to help us until someone else can be trained or something.

Fingers crossed Dallan… it’s been quiet around here without you these last few weeks :slight_smile:

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PS I contacted support@findmypast.com and they said to keep logging things here for now. Not that I imagine anyone has seen anything logged, but I’ve kept doing it living in hope…

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I’ve finally managed to acquire a license from Findmypast to support and maintain rootsfinder. I haven’t been feeling well lately so support has been slow, but you can expect it to improve like it was in 2019.

Hi Dallan - sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well and good to see you active again. A good time to bunker down and do lots of RootsFinder work :slight_smile:

that’s right :slight_smile: