Weird account issue

Weird. My Jennythetester account ( can’t access bug reports… It switches to my jenniferfranklin ( Does that mean my 2 user accounts are linked on purpose?

The problem I was trying to report in the first account is that the delete tree and export gedcom links in tree settings are inactive. the Save button for settings is also inactive. (I wanted to delete the Klinglesmith and Morrel Research tree to delete all the DNA kits associated with it, which you might be able to do for me if that’s not possible). I have uploaded a smaller tree to start fresh so i will have a usable workspace while you figure out storage issues


I expect that has a cookie that logs you in under your other account.

The problem you’re experiencing is that the tree was created under your second account. You’ve given edit rights to your first account, but only the tree creator can do certain things, like change global tree settings or delete the tree. So when you accessed it using your first account those things were disabled.

Based upon our PM conversation, I’ve gone ahead and deleted your tree.

aha. i thought it was a duplicate tree in jennythetester but I see now it was an invite access. So here’s a question. when an invited user adds profiles to a host tree i another account are they essentially tying up processing bandwidth in BOTH accounts?

If you want to restore the tree and profiles to test archiving with feel free but uninvite my jlesliefranklin@msn.account so I can work in jennythetester. I am a perfect use case for high collaborating users

Overall, i’m going to rebuild kits and connections anyway so it’s not a disaster either way. BUT I will want a better master plan for managing the 100 profiles (ancestry alone) plus uncounted others on other platforms plus gedmatch when archiving goes live. If I am going to successfully work smaller segments I will keep a maternal tree and a paternal tree for key profiles . I will work only a few live profiles but it seems to me I could use a metric that shows me how much working space is already tied up.

DNA profiles don’t count toward storage limitations. Only media is counted. And media is counted only for the tree owner, not for others who have been invited to her tree.

How about active processing space when using dna tools. I had the impression that the performance of the profiles in the tree native to the account degra?ed after i acquired guest access to the other tree that had all those profiles

It doesn’t matter how many trees you have access to or how many people are invited to your tree or how many DNA profiles are attached to other trees. Performance is based upon the total number of DNA kits that are attached to the tree, because those kits all get downloaded into your browser’s memory. The ability to archive profiles will help here.