Website not loading

The little blue circle never stops. Typing is so slow, it’s almost impossible. I’m not finding any matches either.

Can you give me some information about when this happens?

It seems not to be doing the spinning circle thing anymore, loads much better, although frequently slow, i.e. when I type in a name there is a significant lag time.

PROBLEM: MyHeritage can’t download any matches. Error message “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”.

If you would like to email a copy of the MyHeritage file you are trying to import to I will look into it.

I can’t get a file from MyHeritage. I have no files to send you. I’m not sure what you want me to do.

I just uploaded my MyHeritage files and it worked fine. Here are the instructions:

  1. Log into MyHeritage.
  2. Navigate to your list of DNA Matches.
  3. Make sure that the Pedigree Thief icon appears in color. If not, refresh your browser tab.
  4. Click the Pedigree Thief icon. It will ask you how many pages you want to download. We suggest downloading at least 50-100 pages. This process takes a long time.
  5. The matches file itself isn’t important, but if a kit isn’t in this matches list, it won’t show up in your ICW / triangulations matches. Once you have generated this list, you won’t need to generate it again. Don’t save the file. Close the little Pedigree Thief window and continue.
  6. To download ICW / triangulation matches for a kit (you must download matches for each kit one at a time), click on the Review DNA Match button for the kit you want matches for.
  7. If the Pedigree Thief icon is not shown in color, refresh the browser tab.
  8. Click on the Pedigree Thief icon.
  9. To download ICW matches, click Save ICW
  10. Once you have saved your ICW file, come back here to upload it. After the upload is complete, click on the plus sign near the upper-right corner of this page to add matches for the next kit.

Please tell me which part of the process isn’t working for you.