Web clipper not always making changes to tree

Web clipper is behaving oddly for me (using Chrome on Mac OS 10.13.6): sometimes, it works perfectly, while others is appears to work (allows me to go through the tabs and click save), but no changes appear in my tree. I haven’t figured out yet what the operative variable is, but do you have any idea what it might be? If not, I will keep playing with it and see if I can narrow down the conditions under which it’s happening.

I haven’t heard about this before, but I’d love to help you resolve it. Does the clipper window disappear when the changes aren’t saved? Or does it stay there and you have to close it manually?

It stays there, but the save button becomes greyed out. This is the case both when the changes are made and when they aren’t.

I’ve been slack about experimenting further, but I’ll try to use it more today and track variables to see if I can give you something more specific about the conditions under which it happens.

OK. So having reinstalled the app, restarted the computer, and reopened the browser, I tried as many permutations as I could and couldn’t replicate the problem. The clipper window is now also closing on its own at save, after a few seconds. So my working theory is that, for some reason, it was being slow to save/close and, not knowing that the window should close itself, I was manually closing it before save had completed. Would that interrupt the save? If so, the successes could be because I sometimes got lucky and either forgot to close it or waited just long enough.

User error rather than a bug, but if that’s the cause it might be worth adding a warning pop-up: “saving, do not close” or something like that.

If that’s not the cause, I’m still stumped, but it seems to be working now.


Yes, that would interrupt the save. I’ll add the “saving do not close” message this weekend. That’s a great idea.

If it ever happens again and it doesn’t close after a reasonable amount of time (10 seconds?) then it’s likely a different problem. If it does happen, could you please right-click somewhere on the clipper window, select “Inspect”, then select the “Console” tab, and send em the contents of the log? The console log should contain the error.

Just an fyi - I added a “Please wait” message to the dialog while it is in the process of saving the page.

That’s great. I love that you make these changes so fast!

I haven’t had any more trouble since I stopped closing the window. Sometimes it does take quite a while to close, and I’ll try to capture that next time it happens. I’m on an island off the coast of maine, though, and internet can be slow, so I suspect the speed is due to that, not the software.

Thank you!