Warning clue that date of birth seems wrong

I could use a second pair of eyes to help with reseaching my grandmdother: Lindy Vickers born abt 1900 in Florida. Her parents were Rich Vickers born 1937 in GA and her miother Lizzie Fisher born 1865 in Tallahassee, Florida. I believe Lindy’s name has been spelled several ways, Linda, Sinda, Sadie. My other though is that there are two different people, I woulld appreciate any help or advice offered.


I have made an entry for your grandmother on FamilySearch Family Tree. It is L1J9-MGT. You can sign up for a free account if you don’t already have one.

Her father was Richmond Vickers born 1837 in Georgia, and her mother was Lizzie Fischer born 1865. She had many siblings, including a sister named Sinda (maybe Lucinda?) born 1902. Both Sadie and Sinda appear together on the 1910 census, so they are not the same person.

Who did Sadie marry?

Thank you!

I also thought I was looking at two different people, although it was quite confusing seeing that Lindy’s record showed Lindy as all the other names, as names she was listed as.

I think I saw nthat Sinda was the mother of Sarah Scott, who was listed as John Scott’s daughter. Maybe she was his first wife and then he married her sister Lindy?