Using Accession Numbers with Rootsfinder

Rootsfinder has capabilities that I’m still learning about. For the past year, I’ve been entering Accession Numbers following the source citation. (Attached PNG shows what this looks like.) Accession Numbers are what I use outside of Rootsfinder to identify documents (mostly JPG and PDF) downloaded for safekeeping.

Today, I discovered that I can use these Accession Numbers to search for specific evidences within Rootsfinder. From the side bar, go to Content Lists > Evidences. Upon entering the six-digit Accession Number in the search field, Rootsfinder lists the evidence uniquely associated with that number. This is a quick way to find what I need!

Even better would be if Rootsfinder provided a field for user-determined Accession Numbers. For now, I’m happy that this method works as well as it does.

Thanks for pointing out how you use Accession Numbers. I had missed the search field under Content Lists > Evidences, until now.

I also use a file numbering system for sources that I acquire and store into Evernote. Like you, I have been adding the file numbers at the end of each Evidence citation. Using the search field it is also possible to filter the Evidences list based on file number prefixes. (My file “numbers” are alphanumeric.)

Although the current capability is good, I would also like to see a field added for storing such file ID’s – separate from the citation.