Updating / Importing New Matches from GedMatch

When I import matches, it doesn’t delete my notes or mini trees but it does delete the names that I’ve updated/changed. For example. If I have a match with the username “db1289” and after some googling, I found out that his name is David Boyle. I edit and rename “db1289” to David Boyle but once I do an import for new matches, his name reverts back to “db1289”

Any ideas as to why?

I did noticed that there’s now a check box when adding new matches: “Check this box before pasting results to delete existing matches before adding new matches. If this box is left unchecked, new matches will be merged into existing matches. In either case, existing kit notes and tree assignments will be preserved.”

Should I check that box to preserve the name information? I was a little confused at the wording and was just worried that it would complete delete the pre-existing matches that I already had.

Edit: I actually tried checking the box on my mom’s profile and I had the same issue - the name still reverted back to the “username”.


I wasn’t sure if updating the kit user names would be a good idea or not. I opted to update them. I’m also updating the email in case the kit owner has changed their email. I could not update the user name or email if you had updated it. That seems like the thing to do. I’ll add that to my ToDo list. Hopefully I’ll have it implemented by end of the day tomorrow.

Checking the box removes the existing one-to-many match information, but the kits that have been previously imported aren’t affected by checking that box or not.

Thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you ever get chance to make the changes?

Yes I did - Email is updated in case the user updated it on GEDmatch, but user name is not. Sorry - I should have let you know. If you already have a RootsFinder tab open, close it and open a new tab to get the latest version.