Unwanted/un-removable carriage returns in Citation field

When I enter a long-form citation in tab 3 of the Edit an Event or Fact window, a carriage return/line break tends to appear at a certain point in citations for web-based sources. Like this:14 PM (2)
Typing this in, it put “FamilySearch” down on the next line, next to the parenthetical url and date. In the screenshot, I’ve put in an extra space after “FamilySearch” (the two spaces are highlighted) which moved it back up to its proper place. However, if I delete the unwanted extra space, then “FamilySearch” is moved down to the next line again. Here’s the result in the timeline view:03 PM (2)

We use a 3rd-party text editor (froala) for the citations. Ill mention the word-wrap issue to them.

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This is also my experience with long URL’s in other text editors. Because they “look” like long words, there is no place to hyphenate them. This often pushes the URL onto the next line.:wink: