Unclear on a DNA updating issue

I need to know what your best practice is for me and your site in the following:

I have 7 people I manage on Gedmatch that I’ve added to the DNA area, including one to many, segments and triangulation and have linked to my tree When I get a new person, #8, I can add them as well, but in the time between the original 7 and the new #8, it’s likely gedmatch has been in some flux. So, to be sure that the original 7 now include the new #8, should I redo the one to many, segment and triangulation on all of them? If so, how does one do that? If not, how does one add them so the others have #8 in their scope of matches?

Variation on this theme. I get an email from a gedmatch user who is new and a match I’d like to include in my research. But they are not yet on my tree, won’t be for a while (if ever) and not under my management. But I’d like to have them in the group of interesting leads that I’m noodling through. So how to do that best?

In the first instance I don’t want to nuke everything and start over without being advised that is proper due to processing concerns and database issues. But having a static platform can’t be the only way to approach this because people will get added and need to be included here.

So, that’s the question, I hope it makes sense and I look forward to finding out how one proceeds.

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To answer your first question, you can click on the “+” sign near the upper-right corner of the list, segment, and triangulation views to import updated one-to-many, segment-match, and triangulation results from GEDmatch respectively. The new data is merged into your existing data. Notes, and tree assignments are retained in the merge.

Here’s what I’d do to create a group of interesting leads: Edit their kits and write notes about what makes them interesting. Kits with notes get a “note” icon in the list view, and you can click on the Notes header to sort all of them to the top.

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Here’s something else to be aware of: If you create a new DNA profile that happens to include a kit that matched your existing DNA profile, and you added notes or assigned that kit to someone in your tree, the notes and tree assignment will appear under the new profile as well. Kits are shared between profiles.

Thank you. I guess I come from the lasted much too long world where your only way of updating something (like a family tree) is a complete replacement rather than a true update, with the consequent loss of anything done on the object in the interim. Hence my fear that not knowing how this is set up regarding updating would mean I’d do it wrong. So I’m tickled that this works this way.

I’m glad to hear you like the website!

So do you just paste in segment and triangulation data in the same spot as you paste in the one to many? Does it matter which triangulation option, i.e. “Show results sorted by chromosome, segment start position” ?


Thank you for contacting us. This is a question for the technical staff. They are at RootsTech today and will be responding as time allows next week.

There’s a blue down-arrow button to the left of the DNA profile. Click that to go to the segments view or the triangulation view. You paste the segment and triangulation data into those views. It’s supposed to work regardless of the sort you choose, but someone pointed out a bug with one of the sorts yesterday. It should be fixed by the end of the day today, but until that bug is fixed, select “Show results sorted both ways”. That definitely works.

That bug has been fixed now, so you can select any option: by kit, by chromosome, or both.