Unclear how to record unmarried spouse, no children

I may be missing the obvious, but I’m not clear how to record an unmarried partner. If there are children involved they can be linked by the parentage, but what of the person who marries, has several children, divorces or loses their spouse and then has a ‘partner’. How would this normally be recorded in RootsFinder?

Oops, worked it out :slight_smile:

So how did you work it out?

Bottom right corner of profile page. Click on the + next to Spouses & Children and add the spouse there. There isn’t an ‘event’ in this situation so cannot add an event to get them connected.

Well I couldn’t figure out how to add a child out of wedlock. The program only has add a child with “spouses” so I had to type in notes to say the parents of child never married.

The current thinking here is that a family consists of a father, mother, and child, but that the father and mother don’t have to have a marriage event. But I realize this may cause confusion. Any thoughts on how to represent this situation better? For example, in the absence of a marriage event, the system could print (“not married”)?

I did work out that it was easy to add an unmarried spouse and a child of that couple but as I was initially focussed on the events couldn’t easily see how to do it. Once I saw the + options it was obvious :slight_smile:

When adding the new ‘spouse’ could one of the options on the vital events be ‘not married’ or similar? I know some other systems have this kind of option but not sure if it fits the GEDCOM model.

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I like that idea - thanks.

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I believe that in most other systems have an event named Partners to denote not being married. Maybe the relationship to spouse could have the option of “Partners”, like a child has the option for adoption or step parent? Just a thought.

Well I think there needs to be another option besides spouse. This is a good idea. Thanks for addressing this issue.