Unable to browse to person with no name

I do not believe this is a bug per se, but there’s a missing element.

I appear to have a ‘ghost’ person in one of my trees (Traeger) created via GEDCOM import.
When viewing the People list (default sort of Last Name), there is an empty line for a person with no name or birth / death details (however they have 2 stars which is nice).
With no name to click on I cannot go to the entry’s page to investigate what has happened and fix it.

A blank name now displays as “Unknown” surname in the persons list. Thanks for the catch.

Hi Dallan - looks neat!

However now my ghost has completely disappeared? A search for “unknown” in my Traeger tree shows no-one with both first and last name of “Unknown”, nor anyone with 2 stars.

I think the problem is I display “Unknown” but it’s not searchable. I’ll make it searchable tomorrow.

It should be searchable now. Please let me know if it’s not.

Hi Dallan - even after a Ctrl-f5 it’s not coming up in the suggestions when I type “Unknown”. Those with a first OR last name of “Unknown” do, but not the person who had both.
Wondering if they still exist…

Mea culpa - I was using the main site search, not the context-search element on the People page (you can trust me to be a typical user!). Can see the Person now, although the First Name is blank, not Unknown.
Going in to edit I can’t see an odd character in the first name, so not sure if that’s meant to happen however it looks okay as it is:

Both good points. I’ll make sure the main site search works, and put Unknown in the given name field.

Thanks for your contnued feedback on this!

This should be fixed now. The fix will be live in about 10 minutes.