Un-selected hint source is showing up anyway

I just noticed that Rootsfinder is still producing new Findmypast hints on my database even though I unchecked Findmypast in Hint Settings (I don’t have a full Findmypast subscription). Not an emergency, but it just creates a lot of hints that I have to dismiss because I can’t look at the data they come from.

Could you please do me a favor? Expand the card for the new FMP hint and tell me the date it was added. The “date added” is a the bottom of the card. I just edited an individual and added a new individual to a tree with old FMP hints and the FMP hints had since been turned off. That should have triggered more hints but I’m not getting any FMP hints.


I dismissed the FMP hints that prompted me to write this post, and I don’t remember what individual profile they appeared on. If I find it in the dismissed hints, or I see a new FMP hint show up again, I’ll leave it there and report back to you.

I THINK this is REALLY A RIP OFF! Cause it is YOURS/ Family info start off with, They (THESE COMPANIES want you to ADD your info , then when you or another family member go to get it , it charges. WELL, chances are it came from you, or some family member start off with. Everytime A Person cuts on their computer a message want them to join a genealogy site ,LOAD YOUR TREE!! I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND THESE SITES!!!

RootsFinder has a free-forever plan that allows you to invite as many people to your tree as you want.

I have been having this problem as well. I tried selecting hints- just to see what they would have out there- and I was bombarded. so, I deselected- and I still get them. It is particularly annoying, because it gives me hints for data i have already entered. Having already linked a 1940 census, I don’t really need a hint for it from familysearch and Findmypast. Hints from the Middle Ages England, for a person on a Kansas Prairie during the Depression, really boggles my mind.

Can you give me some URLs of hints that should not be there? You can email the URLs to me privately: dallan@rootsfinder.com. Thank you.