Typing special characters, such as å, Æ, ó, etc

In Windows the traditional way to type a special character such as å is to hold down alt and type a series of numbers from the number pad (for å it is 143). To my frustration, this generally doesn’t work in Chrome or likely other browsers. It doesn’t work in rootsfinder either. My work-around is to have notepad open, create my special characters there and paste them into the browser field. That is unwieldy. It would sure be nice if in rootsfinder there was a convenient way to enter special characters.

Surely this must be an issue for most of us who have foreign ancestors. I searched Support for both ‘special characters’ and ‘unicode’. Nothing comes up! Every single desktop genealogy program I have tried handles special characters well.

We really appreciate your comment/suggestion. It’s a good idea. Our team is busy with RootsTech this week. We’ll be able to respond to enhancement ideas after RootsTech.

I do what you do - I use a separate editor and copy and paste them in.

I’m open to a better solution. Here’s a help article from Wikipedia on the issue: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Entering_special_characters