Tying Research Log to Events suggestion

I am attempting to align my Research workflow process or method with Elizabeth Shown Mills article “Research Reports for Research Success” more specifically the Execution part where it talks about our Findings. Most if not all family tree software databases have a place to put those findings either in their own Research Log or Notes however all do not do a good job of associating the findings with the events themselves (where the questions begin - What information am I seeking). I would like to have the ability in a database program to enter my findings (even if they were nil) and check off each event they pertain to and have that log attached to the event. For example I may have been looking for information regarding my Grand Fathers marriage but also find from the source stating his birth either in the same record or from another source I just happened to find during the same research trip or computer search. I have two pieces of evidence or information for two separate events. Since I don’t like recording or copy and pasting in two different places, I would much rather prefer as I enter the data in my Research Log and link them by checking the events the findings belong to (possibly little check-boxes). Also for easier navigation I should be able to look at the events in the Timeline view and access those logs there as well as the Main or Side Menu. In 21 March 2017 Heather wrote a blog entitled “How Do I Start My Family History Research with RootsFinder” and in that article there was mentioned under item #4 a pro tip regarding starting a research calendar in RootsFinder. It was stated to be used to track sources but I modified her table as a research template. If notes could be multiplied and attached to the different Events that might work as well in regards to my above suggestion.

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I just wanted to let you know we saw your post. Thank you for the suggestions! We have a big deadline coming up tomorrow night (we’re about to beta-launch DNA tools), but we will get back with you on Wednesday.

If the additional information you find is on the same record, have you considered creating a single “Evidence” (what RootsFinder calls an Evidence), and putting both facts in that evidence? For your example, I would create an evidence for the marriage event, but then in the “people” tab I would add a birth fact under your grandfather. Now both events are tied to the same evidence.

If the additional information you find is on a different record, you could create a new “Evidence” with that additional information. You could add it to the same research log as the evidence for your grandfather’s marriage record.

The research log the evidences belong to is displayed in the timeline if you expand the evidence (by clicking on the evidence). But the research log name is not a link. I’ll turn it into a link today.

Thank you for bringing this up! I hope this addresses the issue. Am I missing anything?

Thanks for your quick reply. To answer your first part I have done that (tied both events to a single evidence). I see where you can add the sources (Evidences) to the Research Logs. That has value for Research Logs created for each event. So if you create a research log for the person’s birth you could attach all sources and evidences that have anything to do with their birth to that particular log. I like the Research Board layout and the fact that you can add your own unique Column. I will probably adding Preliminary Surveys to my Research Logs. I will see how this works for me. Thanks. again.

Regarding the Research Board I mentioned above. I hope more development is going there. I see this as a great Workspace for research. I would like to see access from the Profile page (perhaps at the top in the menu of the Research Suggestions icon - rather than at the bottom of the page).

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Good idea - we could add Research Logs to the Research icon menu and keep them at the bottom of the page as well.

We are working on additional research log functionality. Displaying evidences on a map so you can more-easily see evidences that may not belong, should be working next month.

Sounds good. Related to your research log functionality have you looked at Trello? I have been experimenting with it and I can see if you added similar functionality it would greatly be a wow factor for your Research Logs (not that it already isn’t a wow). I just created a Trello Board for one Ancestor with Cards that match a common 5 step Genealogical Research Process and list columns that initiate and complete the process. Thanks again for your responsiveness to my questions and ideas. Real quality of service.

Yes, research logs are modelled after Trello (I’m a fan). As you use trello, if you find other trello features that you think would fit in well in research logs, please let me know.

I love Trello’s card concept where the different task are on one card. It makes for stronger organization. For your Research Logs I would also add the following from Trello (what I would use): Checklist, Move and especially Copy (to another Research Log or Column), Archive (to reduce clutter, reduce displaying completed items and possibly re-use the logs) and Activity (see what was recently done). Plus I would add Print and finally Share (Story, Media and maybe Notes) with Family Search (I suspect there may be limitations with that). I think that quite enough. I’m also a fan of a site not looking two busy but having all the tools necessary to get the work done. I’m so glad your site is source centrix with a clean interface. Workspaces (such as your Research Logs) I believe is key to keeping things simple.

Thanks for these ideas. I’ll add them to the roadmap (which is on Trello).