Two spouses with same first name... how to distinguish

IF someone has 2 spouses with the same first name, try to add a child. The drop down offers ‘add child of X’ twice and it isn’t clear which X to choose.

Sorry - would adding a 1 or a 2 to the end of the names be acceptable?

Couldn’t you just display the surnames? Adding 1 or 2 seems a bit techie to me :slight_smile:

While on the job I’m wondering if you’ve ever considered defaulting in the surname of the father when adding a child - would save typing, errors etc and would be correct at least 90% of the time?

I’m out of town for a few weeks. I will fix it when I get back in February.

there is a way in editing As I’m old there is Suffix or something like it designate 1 or 2 but beware the fury of the spose or spouse’s you may need my standard response
(Yes Dear I hear and Obey)