Twins don't export properly in GEDCOM

I’ve tested the changes made as per GEDCOM export isn’t taking birth order of children or date order of marriages into consideration? and mostly it is a big improvement. However, a new bug seems to have come into the export process.

There is a problem with the way twins are represented in the GEDCOM. When imported into Reunion each of the twins is there, with their parents, but they don’t both appear on the family group and don’t appear on exported descendant charts as they did previously. I’ve checked tis by changing the date of birth of one of the twins by 1 day in RF, then exporting another GEDCOM and that file imports and displays normally.

In one file I have several sets of twins and they all have the same problem.

Thanks for letting me know. We will work on this.

The twins bug should be fixed now. Thank-you again for letting us know about it.

Thanks so much for the rapid fix for this one. Fortunately a tree I’m working on at the moment had several sets of twins, so the problem showed up quickly when I was crosschecking my uploaded/downloaded file with the original family file. The responsiveness is much appreciated.