Triangulation view

I note you have accepted Triangulation cluster search so I’m looking forward to that for sure, is that coming soon?l Turns out to be a view I use again and again in reference to my master spreadsheet. If I see a kit number in a graph I often go back for the list of kits in that segment.

You should be able to search in the triangulation cluster by opening the blue toolbar header and entering kit names or ids in the search box. Is that what you’re looking for?

yes, looking for the blue bar but it does not appear in either form.

related question, would it be difficult to make the kit numbers appear to the right of the current chr? it’s a pain scrolling back up to top of right panel. btw having the chromosomes numbered would be a dandy addition for save mousing just to see which one is active.

You should be able to open the search bar by clicking on the box outlined in red below. The chromosome view needs some attention. One of the items is to make the kit view scroll down so it is always in view, which should address your issue.



Kits scroll down with the view now.