Tree view: comments and requests

I find the tree view page awkward to use. A few items I have been able to identify as problems for me are listed.

Pedigree icon: It isn’t clear that this is one option of two. You have to click on it to see that there is a descendants option. It would be mice to show all options with the active one highlighted.

Feature request: Could there be a third view option for “Family” similar to the Ancestry implementation where you can move up and down seeing all people in each generation?

Comment: I agree with the person who requested the ability to access descendants from the pedigree. We need to have the base person’s spouses and children accessible.

Comment: There is no apparent way to search for a person on this view.
One wants to find a name and have the pedigree display with this person as the base (showing his ancestors and children). The magnifier is usually used for search, but here you use it for size which I also find awkward. (next comment)
Request: Please add a search box.

Comment: Use of magnifier +/- for resizing
I see the + magnifier used on the web to enlarge a picture, not usually the whole page of data. It gets confused with search. Maybe a slider would be clearer. I kept clicking the + when trying to add a person.

Comment: No way to add a person when all boxes are populated.
I see that once you get to the end of the line there are Add Person boxes. And maybe it is better to add people from the profile box. So this probably isn’t something that needs fixing - just newbie floundering.
Request: Use > to indicate there are more people in the Tree (current method). Use + when there are no more people to let you add parents.

Comment: Reaction time is great
I’m getting virtually instant response on this screen. (2000 people in tree)

Comment/Request: Pedigree only shows 4 generations.
Kinda skimpy. I’d like 5 minimum and prefer 6 even at the cost of using the size button to see them all.
Request: Show default 5 generation. Maybe a user preference option?

Comment: The menu and control buttons remain visible while pushing the tree around
Yea! I hate having to go back and search for the controls. Very nice option to be able to push the tree around when browsing.

Comment: Would like to click on a person and have the tree re-center with the selected person as base.
This would make for smoother browsing without disrupting my train of thought.
But would still need a way to get to the person’s profile - maybe a button in the box?.
I’m sure I can be trained to go through the profile box to get back to the tree, but it doesn’t feel good.


Thanks for your comments!

Eventually we’ll have five or six view options; I don’t want to clutter up the screen with extra icons. I’d rather come up with a way to make the pedigree button look more “clickable”

Yes, I hope to have several additional views by the end of October. See

I’ll be working on that tomorrow. I’ll add a user preference setting and a way to show & hide relatives’ events on a particular page.

Search is planned for October:

A slider would take more space on the page. Here’s a list of zoom icons the magnifier seems pretty standard, though google maps uses a + and a - button.

Good idea

Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s possible. I will add a separate topic soliciting comments about it.

You can do this by clicking on the person and then clicking the “View Tree” button. I could replace the “mini-profile” page that comes up when you click on someone into a very simple popup menu with three items: View Tree, View Profile, and Edit Profile. You’d lose the ability to quickly see spouses, children, and siblings for a person though. I’m not sure I like that.

I actually like the mini-profile box! I will accept the current two click approach: click 1 open profile; click 2 view tree.
The reaction time is currently very good, which makes this pretty painless. I hope we can keep it up.

I prefer the + and - [BIG,BOLD ONES] to the magnifier when the whole page is to be enlarged as opposed to zooming in on one box. The box with arrows is often used to enlarge, but is a more cluttered appearance.

Are you saying you’d prefer just + and - without being inside a magnifier (like google maps), or making the + and - larger but keeping them inside a magnifier?

I prefer without the magnifier. Much easier to see. The + and - can then be
larger and more easily distinguished.

It’s hard to see the + and - when they are inside the magnifier circle.

This is done!