Tree expand view


I am new here and checking the options.

My daughter wants to create a tree of her Family. Currently she can only see:
her self => Parents => Grandparents
She would love to expand the view with her uncles, aunties and nieces and nephews.

I can add e.g. my brother but that still does not show up at her tree. Is there an option to expand this view with e.g additional mini trees?

Hi, you should be able to see a Rootsfinder Tutorial video on your home page that is about how to start your tree from scratch and there are more tutorial videoas on YouTube and in the site itself. There are also different view options available. Also if she clicks on any person already in her tree, it opens up the profile which gives options to add siblings, parents, spouses etc. She can also add a new person by just filling in the details on the form and then linking them to an existing person. Anyway, check out the videos, they’re very clear.