Transferring account ownership or cloning trees across accounts

Thinking many years ahead, I hope, but it would be nice if there was a way to transfer full ownership/control of an account and the trees in it to another family member. There should be a way to pass all the work one has done onto someone else and it would be a feature I don’t think any of the other commercial sites offer yet.

An alternate approach might be to add support for cloning trees, preserving the media and everything else, across accounts. It would be a separate permission you would grant them, one level higher then edit.

There’s currently a way for me to transfer tree ownership from one person to another in the back-end, so if someone requests it I can do it, but there’s no way yet for people to do it themselves. It’s planned though.

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One feature of FamilyTreeDNA settings is “Beneficiary Information.” Having something like that here would add one more layer of protection to our personal information and trees. It asks for name, Phone # and email.

New member here looking to learn enough to make this my main tree repository.

That’s a good idea. I’ve been thinking about something like this too. Realistically it’s unlikely to make it into RootsFinder in the near future. But I’ll add transferring account ownership to another RootsFinder user sometime in the next two months.