Tracking online/offline (site) searches and tie to Research Log

Sorry to bother again about Research Logs but I have a request. I really don’t see an option to add online searches or site visits in the Research Log other then to Add notes or Add ToDo cards and I really don’t think those will work very well. The ability to track those and tag them as nil, completed or incomplete would be a helpful feature, add to a Content List and as well have the ability to create a report off the tags. Perhaps an additional card be created and maybe called “Add Searches”. Maybe also tie it to one or more Research Logs.

Thanks so much for your comments and suggestions. We really appreciate user input. I’ll pass the request along to the developer staff. We prioritize development based on user requests. So, we’ll put you down for these research log enhancements.

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If I’m understanding correctly, we have the following requests. Do I have them all?

  1. Track ToDos as empty (we already have complete and incomplete).
  2. What is a Content List?
  3. Create a report for a Research Log (what would this look like)?
  4. What would an Add Searches card look like?


I would like to see all or most of the elements of a good research log addressed. See link
In particular I don’t want to duplicate my work.
See my attachments of what the Add Search and Research could look like.
This card information could be listed in your Content List (Menu on left side of page between “Invitations” and “Apps”). with same headings as in my attached report.

Thanks for replying. I currently use ResearchTies for my log and some of their same elements are included in my suggestions. No great loss if you decide to do something else. It just would be nice to scale down my workflow to less tools (glad I use two monitors).

BTW the Add Search could include site trips (rather then web searches). Person could add that to Title or Scope and of course Source Location.
This type of card represents the ability to also make this card a planned search to add to a Column (List) entitled something like Current Searches or Current Research and after web search or site trip completed the user would move it to the Completed Column.

Also BTW, Rootsfinder Rocks. I mention it when I can in my FB Genealogy community groups.