Timeline show evidences and non-preferred dates filters?

In the Timeline for a person’s Profile view just like there is the Show option for enabling/disabling Non-principal Events would it be possible to also add a filter for enabling/disabling the display of the Evidences for each event? While having that is very useful for those of us doing research, it would provide a more streamlined view for family members invited to view and browse a tree.

It would also be nice if that or some similar option also hide non-preferred event dates. Many people will end up with multiple event records for birth or death dates with the most accurate being preferred and selected for the cover / header. The others are not as they may have come from census or other less reliable sources. This again would present a more streamlined, and in this case accurate, view for family members with only the most relevant information.

Come to think of it, another way to do it which might be even better would be to have an option to toggle between a “Research” view and a “Browse” view where Research view showed everything and Browse view filtered out the evidences, non-preferred event dates, warnings, and hints & todos sections on the page to focus only on the information non-genealogists would primarily be interested in.

That idea could even be extended to the logical end, with “Browse” view altering the entire presentation of the site possibly to focus on the story of the families documented by the research as opposed to a “Research” view that would facilitate advancing that research and documenting the story.

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It’s an interesting idea. It would definitely make things more interesting for the non-genealogist family members that you might want to share your tree with. I’ll add to the roadmap.