Timeline order for date qualifiers


I notice that the timeline sorts “bef 15 May 1991” after “15 May 1991”. I’ve seen this a couple of times so it might be consistent (as opposed to random). In my tree, this gives an odd timeline in which it appears that someone divorced their first spouse after marrying their second spouse.

Can we get “bef” sorted before the actual date, and “aft” sorted after? Thanks


Great idea. Thank you for your suggestion. We appreciate your comments.

Our programmers are busy with RootsTech this week. We’ll be back next week. Thank you for your patience.

That makes sense. I’ll add this to our ToDo list.

Can I add another element to this date-sorting issue, i.e., double-dating, as below?

Good point. I’ll add that to the roadmap item also.

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This should be working now.