Thumbnails not working for jpgs?

Was working OK 18 hours ago, not working now.

Seem OK now. Perhaps they just took a long time :frowning:

That’s good. The thumbnail-generation server can get behind sometimes.

Looks like it has got behind again. Very slow to generate for small jpgs - nothing fancy :frowning:

The issue is the way I wrote it, it does one thumbail at a time. So if someone loads a bunch of PDFs, all of the JPEGs get backed up waiting for the PDF thumbnail generation. In hindsight this approach was a mistake. Let’s see what happens with RootsFinder going forward. It may be possible to fix someday.

Ah interesting… at least there’s a rationale to explain as it has seemed very hit and miss. All the best Dallan with whatever the future holds, and hoping that FMP does RootsFinder proud. It has proven to be just the right product for our current usage and hope that continues (and grows) in the future.

All of my thumbnail images are broken. I can see the images clearly in the media files.
my tree

@SusanD1975 can you post the URL of your tree? I will look into it.