Syncing formatted text with Family Search doesn't work well

I’ve started syncing facts & sources from Rootsfinder to Family Search. Notes / Comments / Transcription under the Details tab in Rootsfinder don’t transfer nicely to Family Search. Bulleted text in Rootsfinder becomes a single, long run-on line of text in Family Search. The hyperlink below shows what the result looks like after syncing with Family Search.

What, if anything, am I doing wrong?

Having done a little more experimentation, it appears that - at present - one must log into Family Search to edit the notes transferred from Rootsfinder. This step is necessary to improve overall appearance of the transferred notes in Family Search. It is unfortunate that Family Search does not retain Rootsfinder’s rich-text formatting (i.e., bullets, tables, underline, bold, etc.)

Yes, that’s the problem. FamilySearch notes are just plain text. But we ought to be able to do better than running everything together. For example, you would think we could turn bulleted text into * plain text bullets

I’ll log this as a bug and try to fix it before the end of the year.

I changed the FamilySearch compare screen to convert bulleted lists, ordered lists, and table rows to new lines so we don’t have run-on text anymore. Although it would be nice if FamilySearch supported rich text, inserting the new lines definitely looks better now than run-on text.

Thank you Dallan! I did a small test by transferring a transcription of census information from a person’s profile. Notes / Comments / Transcription from the Rootsfinder Details tab now transfers beautifully to FamilySearch. No more run-on text. Bravo!