Supressing duplicate gedmatch kits

one of the most persistent and annoying things about tier 1 output is the fact that so many users refuse to keep only one kit public-facing. This especially distorts triangulations with duplicate kits. Is there a way the DNA (experimental) tool could help us with this?


Yes. I’m planning on adding a “Hide” flag to kits that you could set to suppress duplicate kits from all views. Hopefully later this week…


It would be even more valuable if suspected duplicate kits could be automatically hidden, or have a function to find, mark, and approve hiding duplicate kits. It’s so tedious to do this by hand.

Others’ thoughts on this?

It would be helpful but retaining a note that there had been kits at which platforms would be useful. Knowing that kits are equivalent is a big asset when looking at sets of matches with that segment address who did not upload to gedmatch.