Strange message re future date that isn't in the future

17 days ago (approx 24 January 2019), a marriage event was added with a date of 6 Jan 2019. The system generated two Info messages indicating that the date was in the future.

We can easily delete the messages, but have kept them for troubleshooting as they shouldn’t have been generated.

The person records that the message appears on are 0KU-58LP-62XT and 6DG-S1NM-4AKQ

I know why that is. (It’s because the process that reviews trees for warnings was started last year and still thinks it’s 2018.) Thanks for letting me know. You can go ahead and delete the warnings. I’ll fix it.

Thought it would be something ‘simple’. Thanks for the followup.

Got one of these again fairly recently so not yet fixed?

That should have been fixed. Can you please give me a URL where it is showing up when it shouldn’t?

Sorry, I deleted the one that I had so can’t share it. Perhaps I imagined it, or perhaps it was something different and I didn’t pause long enough to check that. If I see another one I’ll send details.