Source name/abbreviation doesn't like semicolons

Just a heads-up for a hitch I ran into for the first time.

I made a new source for an item I’d just found – as it happens, a 1793 newspaper death notice. I saved it, and double-checked that it appeared in the sources list. But when I went to add the new source to the individual’s death event, the source tab never populated when I typed in the abbreviated source name I’d used. I double- and triple-checked that I was typing the source title identically.

Finally, I changed one character in the source name, and then it worked. It happened that the name of this 1793 newspaper is The Diary; or, Loudon’s Register. In the source name/abbreviation, I had to change the semicolon to a comma to get it to populate the source field in my database.

Of course, this is a fairly minor hiccup. I’ve been using Rootsfinder four over four years, created hundreds and hundreds of sources, and never had a source name with a semicolon in it till now. Still, this might be worth fixing if it’s possible to do so without breaking the rest of the code or whatever. I happened to know juuust enough about coding to guess that the semicolon could be the problem; others likely wouldn’t find that solution.