Source list on person profile

If it is not already possible to do so, it would be helpful to have the option of seeing a list of sources a person is tagged in on their profile page, and not just a list of events or the number of sources shown when you hover over the stars next to their name. Perhaps one could click on the stars to see this if there is not enough room for it directly on the profile page.

If you click on the “Show” link at the top of the “Timeline” section and click on “Non-principal events”, the timeline will include all sources the person is referenced in. The sources are identified in the timeline by yellow stars. Does that help?

Having said this, clicking on the yellow stars in the profile to see a list of sources seems like a natural thing to do. I’ll add it to the roadmap.

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By “a list of sources,” do you mean a list of the sources in evidences for that individual? Or are we talking about clicking on the star in order to add a source to that event?

Based upon some feedback from recent survey, I’d like to ask for some advice.

I could add an “Evidences” section to the page (maybe under the timeline?), that would list all evidences. The evidences are currently already listed under each fact that they support, but this new “Evidences” section would list the evidences all together in one section.

Is this new Evidences section what you’re suggesting?