Set default tree layout by user or by user/tree

I most frequently want to look at trees in the ancestors and descendants mode rather than the ancestors pedigree mode. It is annoying and frustrating to need to change this every time I go back to a tree. Also if looking at a tree in ‘ancestors and descendants’ mode I choose a person and ‘show tree’ it stays in that mode. If I choose to look at their profile, then go to their tree it goes back to ‘Ancestors pedigree’ mode.

Could we have either a user site-wide preference for tree layout, or better still a tree by tree default for each user that the tree will go to by default unless changed? Or is it there somewhere and I’ve missed it?

That makes sense. I’ll add this later this month.

Fantastic. This will be extremely useful.

This has been implemented for awhile now. I’m finally marking it closed.