Search for a person across all trees

It would be really (really, really) helpful to be able to search people from the dashboard and on choosing the person be taken to their profile in the relevant tree.

Good idea. I’ve added this to the roadmap for next year.


Thanks for taking this on board.

I’ll be looking forward to it.

Amen! :+1:
I have tried to do this too! It would be very helpful. Thanks.


Any clues as to what end of this year (previously next year). Really looking forward to this, especially as I now have 14 trees and growing…

My day job has been particularly busy the first part of this year, but I’m hoping that things will settle down at the end of March and I will be able to spend some serious time working through these issues. So I’m expecting sometime Q2 this year.

That’s be great. Will be an excellent time saver eg when trying to find that person I’d requested a Find a Grave photo for :slight_smile:

This has been listed on Trello as “Search for a person across all trees I own”. However, my intention was across all trees I have access to, including those shared with me by another owner.

Oops - that’s what I intended. I’ll change it.

Thank you

Just checking in again. Any thoughts about a timeframe for this please?

RootsFinder hasn’t been high on Findmypast’s priority list. But I will try to get this implemented in the next month or two.

Thanks Dallan. REALLY hanging out for this one…

Should we feel worried about ‘RootsFinder hasn’t been high on Findmypast’s priority list’??? The obvious concern when a product is bought up by a bigger entity…

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This is working now! The search bar near the top of the screen now has a drop-down to the immediate left. In addition to finding people in the current tree, you can now search all items in the current tree, or find people in any of your trees.

Let me know if you run into any problems.

BRILLIANT!!! Have been so hanging out for this.

One further comment. I was kind of expecting that on the home screen (before choosing a tree) you would have the option to search across all trees. Seems a bit illogical to have to pick a random tree, then search over all trees. Is it possible to add the search across all trees option in that place?

Technically that’s true. I’d have to make the search-across-trees option available on the initial toolbar. Let me think about that.

Thanks for considering.

This should be working now. Thanks for the prompt.

Brilliant - thanks so much for taking this and many other suggestions on board.