Rootsfinder tree not loading properly?

I am a paid member and I have for the last several months, have trouble getting my Rootsfinder tree to load properly. It freezes up, or gets stuck, and won’t load. And when it does load, I can’t do any work on it. I would hate to have to move all my work to another genealogy website. Please help! I use a Google Chrome laptop.

Hi Susan, I have had an issue loading my DNAgedcom data gathered from MyHeritage in the last week. Is your issue similar? Did you report your issue to FindMyPast support? I’m currently waiting to hear back from them.

Mine is strictly the rootsfinder so far. I can’t even check for DNAgedcom or findmypast.

I’ve had the same issue but mostly when trying to back up.

Just curious Ray, if anyone from customer support ever responded to you yet?

@SusanCarsonHill can you send me the URL of your tree? I will look into it.
dallan at