Roots City Web Clipper Question

Hello. If you use the RC web clipper on a 1940 census wouldn’t it add it to the profile somewhere, i.e. like a “residence” event? I would like to see a video on how to use the web clipper. Thanks! Jennifer Lieder

Hi Jennifer - Yes, for the sites we’re able to automatically process we add a primary event. For the 1940 census a residence/census event is automatically created, and then we also add other information such as age and place of birth. These will show on a person’s timeline in their chronological order with the census attached as a source. Here’s what we have so far in terms of a video for the clipper. Please let me know if it’s helpful or if you need more information:


On several occasions I have used the web clipper but now when I hit the “save” button, nothing is happening. A couple of times when I was repeatedly clicking the save button it says something about not being able to process this action. When this happens I know that it finally saved. I hope this makes sense.


Yes, it’s actually saving the record successfully to your tree, but the window is not closing after the save like it used to. :frowning: We’re looking into this. Until we fix the issue you can close the browser window yourself a few seconds after you click “Save”.

Thank-you for reporting this.