Relationship Reports

I’m new to this site. Years ago I had software that enabled me to print a relationship report between two people on my tree. i.e John Brown is the 15th great-grandfather of Beau Peep. It would list just those people in that direct line. Does anyone know of such a report?

Do you mean something like this? (screenshot from Reunion 11 for Mac):

I would very much like RF to have this feature as well.

Yes, something like that. As I remember it, it was a a little fancier. Is the one you are showing available now?

No, what I showed is not from rootsfinder.

Does the report simply list the the people in order from the first person to the second person? Is there any kind of indentation to indicate going “up” the tree vs back “down” the tree?

To get this report (I wish I could remember which one I used) you had the option of designating Person 1 to Person 2. It could go backwards or forwards. Then the heading would show the relationship between the two Persons. Then the report shows a box with name, birth and death dates of each generation between the two.

Found it in Family Tree Maker

That sounds good. Thank you for the picture! I just created a new card on the roadmap for people to vote on it: