Question about Initial Array of Dots and zoom

I’ve noticed that zooming in then out dramatically disentangles cluster. You mentioned you’ll be adding zoom feature, will zooming within the frame (frame ?.. havent peeked at html) have the same effect as the browser level zoom? I am guessing so because I can actually zoom locally with touch screen controls

would have attached 3 sec. demo but mp4 not supported. (i often do Camtasia or Snagit to capture live transactions - using them extensively for teaching online to show narrated how tos)

You should be able to zoom clusters now using your mouse wheel. Does that work? I’ll be adding zoom buttons in the near future.

I just added mp4 as a possible upload file type. Videos can be up to 10Mb.

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mouse what mouse :slight_smile: it worked already with touchscreen …but I’ll ask friends with mice to test it. :-). but a zoom control ala google maps will be best IMO

thanks for adding mp4

Zoom buttons are on their way :slight_smile: