Problems with profile photos imported from FamilySearch

A lot of the person profile photos imported from familysearch into my family tree and some of the photos I upload for peoples profiles are bad off centered. Most of the time the lower part of the face is cropped off in the persons profile, but when I look at the uploaded image it looks ok. I have not been able to find a way to center them in RootsFinder like I can in FamilySearch. I have looked for simular problems in this forum but have been unable to find anything. Do I need to use a certain size photo head shot or aspect ratio, or resolution for a profile headshot. I must be doing something wrong and as an old man, I need a way to do it right. Can someone guide me with this. Thanks for any help.

Can you give me the URLs of some examples where the profiles are off-centered? I’ll take a look at it.

In general, RootsFinder takes the top “square” of the image as the profile photo. So if the image is 5" wide and 7" long, the software will take the top 5x5 inch portion of the image, scale it down, and use that as the profile. So if you’re using photos that are taller than they are wide, make sure that the person’s face is in the top portion of the photo. Otherwise, you can crop the photo yourself to make it square before uploading it.

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