Privacy problem

Hi. I’ve just noticed that when looking at a profile for someone that is deceased, the full birth date of living children is shown. Even though the name of that living child is not shown, showing the full birth date is still sensitive information.

Can this be changed so that no birth date information is shown? No day, no month, no year? Showing a full birth date is not protecting the living.

Thank you.

Could you please give me a URL where living birth dates are being shown? They aren’t supposed to be. I looked at several examples but couldn’t find any where birthdates are being shown. I will look into this right away.

Sure! Here is my grandfather’s record - My mother and uncles’ birth dates are showing when I look at the tree and am not logged in.

Thanks for the URL. Here’s what I see when I look at your grandfather’s profile page:


Are you seeing their birthdates there, even though you aren’t logged in?

I see. Thank-you for pointing out the problem. I will work on fixing this right away.

Thanks! I just happened to notice it as I was checking how the public display looks. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for pointing out the problem! It’s fixed now.

Just as an fyi, the problem had to do with non-principal events. A non-principal event is an event about another person, but where this person participated. For example, in the birth of a child, the child is principal, and the parents are not principals, so the birth of a child may appear as a non-principal event on the parents’ timelines.

The problem stemmed from cases where non-principal events were associated with deceased people, but the principal was still living. In order to avoid this issue going forward, if you aren’t logged in, or are looking at a tree you haven’t been invited to, all non-principal events occurring in the last 110 years are now removed from deceased people. This will also remove recent (in the last 110 years) non-principal events where the principal is deceased, but in that case those events still show up on the deceased principal’s timeline.


Excellent! Thanks for fixing it and the explanation!