Opening a GEDCOM export

I have been able to export a GEDCOM as per instructions. My problem is that I recieve an email saying that it is ready and to click on the button below. The button is not working. I copy the attached URL and copy it to my WEB Browser as per the instructions but I cannot see that anything happens. I use Chrome as my WEB Browser. I am some what of a novice at using computers. What am I not doing to open my GEDCOM once I exported it.

I do get a window that says open or save but nothing seems to work in that box either. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


When you click on the button, the GEDCOM is saved to your “Downloads” directory. (You should see a somewhat-small popup in the lower-left corner of your browser.)

The next step is to open your desktop genealogy program (PAF, RootsMagic, Legacy, or whatever you use), import a GEDCOM (usually “Import GEDCOM” in the “File” menu), and select the GEDCOM that you just downloaded to the “Downloads” directory.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Thank you for your assistance!