On list dna page X-dna matches in browser are hit and miss

I can provide examples, but I’d expect any X-DNA match that shows up as greater than zero on the list would get displayed in the browser display on the right. It’s not the greatest display, but that thin yellow line below chromosome 22 is the X dna match. So I’m finding that not every match that shows an X match on the list on the left is showing in the display in the browser window.

Yes, the chromosome browser doesn’t generally include X-DNA matches. It’s a bug; I’ll fix it in the next two weeks.

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I still get a tiny yellow line occasionally with xDNA matches in the preview pane. it acts weird, popping to the end of the chromosome list, then popping to the top again.

This turned out to be a harder fix than I originally thought, and then it got “back-burners” behind the other changes I’m making. Thanks for nudging me about this.

This should be working now.