O cm issue seems to have returned

The 0 cm issue appears to be back. I am looking at Mom’s T914728 profile, specifically at a triagulatiion among people named Hixon see A608811 aka Susan. At Ancestry Susan is reported at 7.1 cM, gedmatch at 22. However, I can Susan’s father A026499 is also in the group.

I can tell from its location and shared matches this will be likely a valid one on a specific line vs pile up.

The 0 cM issue is definitely back. I just uploaded my father’s kit. Triangulation showed his brother at 0 cM, as well as his granddaughter.


This is odd. One way this could happen is if you re-imported triangulation matches without then re-importing the segment matches. Then new kits that were added in the latest triangulation import would show up as 0cM because they weren’t in the segment import. Do you think this could be the reason? If you run a new segment report at GEDmatch, do the kits show up there?

I just deleted my dad’s entire profile and re-created with all new data. Still 0 cM for his brother / my uncle. :cry:

An aside – I didn’t realize it was even possible to add triangulations separately. (Is it?) I’ve been having to delete the entire DNA profile and then start from scratch anytime I needed to make a change.

I missed this email. Will check later in the weekend. Gardening chores
trump fun.

It is possible to re-import the one-to-many, segments, or triangulation data for any kit. Just click on the + button near the upper-right corner of the view you want to re-import.

I’ll reach out to you by email to follow up on the 0 cM issue.